My Vista performance is better than Win Xp exept for

with 1 gig of ram I used to get about 8fps less in crysis vs winxp . After upgrading my cpu to a Q6600 with 2gigs of Ballistix , Now I get about 3 more fps than windows xp and 13fps more than my old system . So for some reason Vista 64 is faster or as fast for graphics now wich is good with aero turned on .

But, when I run Winrars built in benchmark I get a low score with Vista for some reason . I get 1.2 megs per second and with windows xp I get 1.5 and when I Run the Ram at its stock speed of ddr1000 it goes all day way up to 1700 vs 1400 in Vista.

Any idea why this might be. Why dont I change back to xp? well I have both I just boot different partitions. and With Vista64 I get ZERO spyware no matter what I do . it just doesnt happen yet plus it runs 100% stable and it doesnt freeze or anything like that its a good trade off.
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  1. It is just that some of those applications are so dated they don't know how to work with vista yet? They may catch up one day. Vista 64 is the best.
  2. From what your saying it sounds like the reason your fps has improved is because of the fact you have upgraded you cpu and doubled your RAM? or are you saying you upgraded and benchmarked with xp and vista and noticed the difference?
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