Presario 1685 laptop: Operating System Not Found

My handy-dandy FliteSim extra PC went south because I tried upgrading to Windows 2000 and no operating system found now.

Took working HD out of my OTHER Presario 1685 and installed. Still same.

BIOS: Do I need to upgrade or install new BIOS. In F10 I can't even srcoll down to highlight Primary and Secondary drives---scroll stops at the Floppy selection.

Am looking thru HP's

thanks Doug
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  1. check your jumper settings on all the drives, try unplugging drives. looks like the BIOS isnt detecting the hard drive. try doing a bios reset. Check the cable for crimps, tears or general damage. make sure everything is plugged in snugly.

    This doesn't look like a problem with the drive, especially if you tried another. incorrect jumper settings and the cables is about the only thing i'd look at in this case.
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