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Hello Friends
I have one doubt.
I install RedHat Linux5.1.Then am install Windows Xp.After instalation of XP Linux Grub Missed.Then i reload the grub With the help of DVD Drive. my doubt is "HOW CAN RELOAD THE GRUB WITH THE HELP OF PENDIRVE"?

Is it possible for reload grub with the help of Pendrive?
Please Help me.......................
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  1. Why are you using an Linux distribution which is older than 10 years? Are you serious on getting it to work and are you a Linux newbie or do you have experience with using it? Older releases requires much more hard work to get everything working, especially if you want to use modern software with it.
  2. For a desktop environment, Red Hat is not the way to go. Ubuntu, Mandriva, Sabayon and the like are much better choices.

    The recommended way to install a dual-boot setup is to do Windows first and THEN install Linux. Windows boot loader can't read Linux. The only way to fix it is to run EasyBCD to fix the corrupted Windows boot loader.

    Dump Red Hat. Aim for something better.
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