After Effects 8 Only Recognizing 4GB of 8GB ram.

Hi, I recently built an 8 GB ram core 2 quad system and installed XP-64bit. In system properties it shows that the OS recognizes my 8GB ram but for some reason After Effects will only recognize 4GB.

The AE 8 splash screen that shows up during load and says "2% of 4GB total used" and also the memory & cache settings shows only 4GB.

What am I missing?
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  1. thanks, don't know how i missed that one.

    so XP64 and AE 8 only recognize 4GB. I wonder if that cap gets any higher with vista?

    edit: apparently an add on program called Nucleo Pro 2 allows AE to utilize more than 4GB of ram on XP64 and other OS'.
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