Linux Distro/troubleshoot for SamsungV25

I would like to install linux on a samsung v25 laptop, but not sure what distro to use and how to get it to work.
Intel Pentium 4 2.8Ghz
512 MB Ram
30 GB hard drive
Integrated Intel 845GV graphics

So far I've tried

Ubuntu: seems to be the best so far, but the screen doesn't come on after it goes to sleep (can I fix this or turn off standby/suspend/hibernate?) Also when going into a tty(?) (by pressing Ctrl+alt+F1) the right side of the screen is a repeat of bits on the left. Do I need to configure the graphics driver?

Fedora: I can't get the sound to work. Occasionally something might beep on the internal PC speaker but not the main speakers nor the headphones out.

OpenSuse: this installation crashed while testing video. The screen had red random lines then blue lines after a few flashes (for the rest of the night).

Any advice on selecting a distro and tweaking it to get it to work?
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  1. Which version of Ubuntu did you try? The hibernation used to be an issue but I heard that 9.04 was a lot better in this regard.
  2. Ubuntu 9.04

    Problem was more or less when it went to sleep. I've turned it off in the power management settings, but it still goes to standby when screen is closed anyway, and I haven't left it idle long enough to make sure it doesn't sleep on it's own.

    I tried a manual hibernation to see if it made a difference, but then after the initial load screen, the screen went off and it required a few manual reboots to get it working.

    In the tty screens it's only showing 60 characters across (rather than 80) with the remaining 20 a repeat of some characters on the left.

    Just noticed that the screen sometimes is black on login after a hard reboot following failed standby, which sometimes can be gotten around by going into tty1 then back to GUI
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