Finally something for our DirectX 10 Cards

For those too lazy or inept to read the blog post, Capcom is releasing a demo of the PC version of the current Xbox360 exclusive, Lost Planet; which will support DirectX 10. "The DirectX 10 version will utilize the advanced features of Shader model 4.0 and Geometry Shader only available with DirectX 10."

The demo will be available on May 15th.

Anyone else curious to see how the new shader model and DX10 stacks up against its Windows XP, DX9 counterpart?
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  1. that's nice, thanx for the link
  2. Cool. I was actually interested in this game too.
  3. Yeah, i purchased it awhile back for my 360 and was quite impressed with the graphics; mostly just the environment and the massive explosions, but I'm interested to see how much better they can become with DX10.
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