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Force Vista to use Firefox 4 one program


I just purchased a laptop running Vista 32 (premium) and am trying to set it up to my liking.

What I am trying to do is force a single program--Not all--- to run using firefox. I do not really want to change firefox to the default browser. Is this possible? It seems to me that I've done this before in XP.

Basically, this program is a sad attempt as a offline version of a online MLS (Multiple Listing Service-- for Realtors). The offline version copies the database to the HD and then uses the browser to query it and so forth. It actually runs slower offline than it does online. Is there some configuration I can do to speed this up since it is all local?

Any other thoughts and/or questions welcomed. I would be willing to try opera again if this would speed things up--and I wouldn't have to set it to the default. (Safari works but not well with this program --- Atleast Safari running on XP)

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    Seems to me that should be a setting of the program in question... Same for your performance questions: There's no magic setting in (any version of) Windows that makes sh*tty programs run better.
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