Can I format my hard drive from Bios ?

I have XP on my system which will not open it starts up and goes directly to a NTFS check whic says press any key to abort, it will then neither abort or carry out a verifying indexes check and just frezees, I dont have an XP start up disc but do have a new vista package. is there anyway I can format the C drive from Bios ??


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  1. Some Bios have an Low level format option.
  2. Haven't used DLT in awhile, but download and make a bootable CD to format a hard drive.
  3. ya u can refomat your drive with the cd throught the bios. just go in to your bios and set it to boot from the cd or dvd drive you have the disk in and just go from their. you will get a step by step telling u what to do.
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