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Help installing Vista Ultimate x64 edition

I have a portion of my 2nd hard drive partitioned and i planned on installing windows vista x64bit edition. But, i attempted to install it on that partition, and it does not allow me to do so, it gives me an error like "windows cannot find a suitable location" or something like that. In the windows installation thing it lets me format it, and delete it to unallocated space, no matter what i do, it doesn't let me install it. I cant install it on any of hard drives for that matter. Does anyone know what the problem is? What format do i have to create the partition in? Any help is appreciated.
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    I've seen this error before, I believe it says "suitable volume," and I think it's caused by the master boot record (MBR) and possibly the partition table found within. It's also possible, if the drive if SATA, that it either has a driver issue (you can provide the Vista setup with one) or simply the drive's mode (AHCI versus compatible/IDE) is problematic, which can be changed in the BIOS. I don't know what you have on the primary drive or the other partition(s) on the second drive, but the main cause of MBR trouble would be the presence of another OS (especially another Vista).
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