Network Error (tcp_error) only with rapidshare?

This hasn't always been the case - seemingly only after I get a premium account - whenever I try to access to download something, i get the following error:

Network Error (tcp_error)

A communication error occurred: ""
The Web Server may be down, too busy, or experiencing other problems preventing it from responding to requests. You may wish to try again at a later time.

For assistance, contact your network support team.[/cpp]

I've never ever had this problem before with rapidshare. It's only been recently and it only happens with rapidshare, and seemingly only after I've become a premium member.

How can I solve the problem?
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  1. Yeah , ive been getting exactly the same ...its nothing to do with becoming a premium member though as ive been one for a couple of years most be a problem with one of rapidshares servers but im suprised there havent been more reports etc ....
  2. I am wondering where your handshake has gone that would be a worry some thing. I'd run some tools to check out the syn,act,rst, this information has gone somewhere. Usually in a note like this a closing connection message is sent but not here and that to me is a problem.
  3. Try using instead of your normal link.
  4. spuckle said:
    Try using instead of your normal link.

    Thanks. Unfortunately that doesn't work, but it's a poor service on rapidshare's part - I shouldn't have to do that in order to download a file.
  5. Also, I bet you're with BT like me :(
  6. Yeah mate, with BT lol... BT total Broadband Option 3 : (
  7. It's BT, not RS. They're apparently blocking the site when their servers are busy (i.e. all day & evening).

    The method above does work if you have a Premium Account at RS, but it does take ages to load the page.

    You have to login to RS, then go back to the page.
    Then, once you get to the page to choose the server you can use these direct links in your download manager.

    Very manual and time consuming though, and I have myself found a few files it doesn't work for.
  8. I am with BT and I have the same problem I am option 3 aswell, its is £45 a month!!! Anyway I have been streaming a lot of music on LASTFM and suddenly I go to download from Rapidshare and I get the same error... So I think it is something BT are doing to cap downloads.
  9. Guys i am getting the same problem for more than 3 days...
    Is it because the site is blocked in my college or is there really some problem ...
    Cause my friend who live some 100 kms from here can access it well enough ...
  10. Hi Guys,

    Thanks very much for your explanation why I cannot access Rapidshare with a B.T. account.
    It all adds up now. Yes I have been busy downloading off a certain website (not Rapidshare). I've downloaded 109GB in the last 10 days!! All legal and paid for!! The question is that we still pay B.T. for a service and I have a premium account at Rapidshare. A mate of mine was last night asking me which I.S.P. to go for. I have already told him to stay clear of B.T.!! Unfortunately they have also got you by the short & curlies as you have to keep to your 12-18 month contract, even if they don't keep to their side of the bargain!! They should be reported to the consumers' advice. It should be if you don't like their service then I will go elsewhere!!

  11. I think I found a way to fix this problem by finding Rapidshare's IP address and updating the host file with it.

    1. First go to start-> all programs -> accessories -> command promt
    2. type "ping" and note the ip number (e.g.
    also you can try this http://ipaddress/ (e.g., if you see the rapidshare page then you are on the right track.
    3. now open C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc using the notepad application
    4. at the bottom enter "ip address",
    e.g. (
    5. Close any browser windows and/or rapidshare download manger
    6. open a new browser try

    Good luck and hope this works.

  12. Hi There,

    I tried and no luck. failed at second fence!! Web address number is and still got same error message. I do use Vista and I tried with both Explorer and Firefox.
    Thanks for trying for me mate.
  13. Hey Nigel, I have the same problem as you quite often, it is most definitely BT.

    Put "" before whatever file you want to download and it should work.


    Like that. Hope this helps.
  14. Hi timmysee

    Thanks for the info, I was having exactly the same issue but I'm very happy to report your suggestion works perfectly!

  15. TimmySee said:
    Hey Nigel, I have the same problem as you quite often, it is most definitely BT.

    Put "" before whatever file you want to download and it should work.


    Like that. Hope this helps.

    Hiya Timmysee,

    Your a marvel!! Works every time!! A big cheers mate and I owe you one, or two!! I was going bonkers with this one!!
    The question now is how did you get to this fix? I've tried all sorts and Googled till I'm blue in the face!!
    How B.T. have the cheek to do something like this!! We are paying for their service.
    I have vented my anger at a couple of places, now it's B.T.'s turn later today!! Bet I don't get anywhere!!
    I've been off work this last week and I'd taken a sub out for 30 days on a pay site and I want to download all they have!! I still haven't finished due to slow broadband speed and that's another gripe!!
    I'm ditching B.T. at the first opportunity!!
    Again Cheers mate.

  16. BT blacklists servers that are often used to break the "fair use"* download policy. The default rapidshare routing server is obviously a big culprit in their eyes, so if they see you using it excessively* they will just disconnect it before you can start your download.
    The altered URL leads to a different server, which will run through the same motions as the default but it much less used as it's actually a storage server (I think).

    Different server = different IP = not blacklisted.
    That's just my theory, but it's how I found the fix.

    If you're feeling really grateful, you could head over to and click a couple of ads. ;)

    *BT's idea of fair is very much in their favour.
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