Cant find the "FULL" vga charts

This is the only vga chart I can find.

Where are the one that show what gpu's in sli?
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  1. What about a chart that I can compare 2 7800 gtx sli with a single 8800 gts?
  2. I dont think you can do that any longer
  3. Dang it! Yea I could swear I compaired them like that about a month ago. What gives? Anyway, Anyone have an idea of what 2 7800 gtx would compair to a single 8800 gts? I think the 8800 gts would be better, am I wrong?
  4. methinks 8800 gts would probably be better.
  5. In that case anyone want to buy my evga 7800 gtx? Im probably going to put it on ebay soon. Haha. :lol:
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