Wireless Kensington Mouse & Keyboard Problem in Vista

I built a computer for a friend, installed Vista Ultimate and everything runs great.

He went and bought a Kensington wireless mouse & keyboard combo and hooked it up. That ran great too. Well he decided to install the software that came with this package and pushed through the "these drivers are not for Vista blah blah" and continuted anyway.

Well, after he restarted his computer, BOOM, no keyboard our mouse works. So he calls me, tells me what he did, and I say well, do a Vista restore to yesterday and you'll be good, don't install that software again! Well guess what, he can't use the keyboard or mouse at all.

Long story short, we tried connecting a few more mice and keyboards to the machine, none of them will work and everytime one is plugged in, Vista says (where you normall see "Updating hardware" messages in the bottom right) Driver not installed properly; and that's it. Everytime you connect any keyboard or mouse. The ports work just fine cause if I go into BIOS they keyboard works no problem.

I probably wrote all this to answer my own question, but I was wondering if anyone else had any ideas besides running the Vista CD and doing a restore from it. (I hate doing restores because of losing some system updates and settings since the last good "working condition." But if I have to I have to. Just wondering if anyone has a better idea than that.

Again please note: No keyboard or mouse will work in Vista, I've tried even in safemode, nothing will work or install. (The computer is running just fine but the input of keyboards and mice will not work).

Thanks in advanced!
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  1. I have the exact same problem. Duplicated on Vista Business as well as Vista Home Premium both 32-bit.
  2. Have you tried reactivating the keyboard by pressing the connect button under the keyboard and the mouse reset button?
  3. My son did the same thing. I did a restore from a day before he "loaded" the Kensington software, after booting up to the restore CD. I didn't do a complete system restore. I used the "Advanced" options from the CD, and was able to do a restore from a restore point that was saved the day before, and whola, after a reboot, had my laptop keyboard and mouse back (Vista Home Premium).

    Apparently, the Kensington software is not at all compatible with Vista, any flavor.
  4. I am facing the exact same problem in windows 7 professional. The problem is that I can not login to windows without a .KBD-Mouse and the DVD Restore would not let me pick a restore point. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. This is a little late....................but maybe it will help someone.
    I had the same problem and here's how I fixed it.
    Shut down the computer.
    Made sure the dongle for the Kensington wireless mouse/keyboard is not plugged in.
    Plugged a PS2 mouse into the computer.
    Turned on computer..........mouse worked fine!
    Removed both Kensington programs (keyboard and mouse) from the computer with the windows remove program tool (you won't need a keyboard to do this)
    Shut down the computer.
    Removed the PS2 mouse
    Plugged in the Kensington dongle.
    Started the computer normally..............and both the Kensington wireless keyboard and mouse started working fine. You cannot use all the extra buttons, bells and whistles on the keyboard, but except for he add on program keys....it's working fine. A fine young man Of Indian birth (heavy accent) spoke to me from India and advised Kensington did not support keyboards for anything above XP, but that the equipment would work fine..............as long as you dont load the outdated CD that came with the equipment. Thats for windows XP 2000 only! Next time I'll pay attention when a CD tells me the program is not compatible with the windows I'm running!
    Hope this helps.

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