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I have a windows server 2000 machine with a password protected network share at my business. all the computers can access the share no problem, but one machine in particular runnin 2k sp4 does not ask for login credentials. Can someone help plz

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  1. You need to explain your setup more, are you running a domain? Are the users using their own usernames or a generic one, how did you setup permissions on the share?

    Network share/folder rights should be assigned for the users or groups, not a computer. Your issue would not be coming from the computer but whoever is logged on to it, unless you setup some non-standard rights on the share.

    If the share rights are setup for a user, and that user authenticates to a domain, the share assumes the user is valid and grants him/her access to the share without asking for a password again. Meaning is user "Bob" signs on to the domain on any computer, and tries to get to his network share on \\Server1\Share1, and his user or group has rights to that share and folder, that share will open without another password prompt. That's the correct way of setting up shares.

    If you just setup rights for a generic account, the user could have checked off "save this password" when connecting.
  2. sorry for the lack of detail. this is a workgroup based setup. i have all the users as local users on the server with passwords that i made up myself. all users are grouped into departments within the company... sales service parts accounting. on the server i have one folder called backups. within there i have folders corresponding to each of the departments. within each department i have a folder with each employees name that only they and their managers have access to. Only someone in accounting may access the accounting folder, but bob from acct is denied access to joe from accountings folder. there are 3 administrators who have access to everything. I have it set so that the user can click on the shortcut to the share, but it prompts for a user id and password from the local users on the server. Like i said though, there is one computer that does not ask for login credentials. It is a windows 2000 machine. Testing on other machines with windows 2000 prompts me login, so im wondering if theres a security policy that i can alter to ask for login info. BTW, all local users on the server end a disconnected session after 1 minute, idle session limit is 5 minutes, and there is no limit to there active session time. The session will end when the connection is broken, and reconnection is allowed through originating client only.

    Hope this helps

  3. ###Solved, client computer was logging in with the same user credentials as an old user on the server
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