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hi everyone.

i've been having trouble at work. a compay is sending us orders, they use outlook, we use outlook express. when we get mail from them, sometimes the attachment is missing. the email still shows the size as if there is a file attached, but i cannot see it. the paperclip is not there.

no i know, in OE you have the option to block external images, and to block content, but this is not that, all my settings are correct.

for instance, i always get all the attachments, but 2 other people in our company, copied on these emails, only get them sometimes.

i have set up another test email in one person's computer. she now receives 2 email addresses. sometimes her own one has the attachment and the test one doesn't, and sometimes vice versa.

when i forward this empty email to a user with outlook, the attachment is there. also, when i view the email properties, or check it on our freebsd server, i can see there should be something attached.

a week's worth of searches on google and tech forums, and everyone suggests i should untick "block images". i am not an idiot.

when the source of the email is checked, there's some talk of TNEF attachments, which cannot be viewed by OE.

now, i cannot get the senders to change anything on their system (like sending messages as html format from exchange), because they are difficult. and i cannot put my users over onto outlook, purely, 'cos some of them are too dumb. also, some users have OR message stores of around 14 gigs, so outlook will never handle that.

if anyone knows anything about this, please help me! i am pulling my hair out!!!!!
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  1. Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format
    Category Misc Files
    Common? No
    File Description Contains rich text formatting used in Microsoft Exchange e-mail messages, such as bold, italics, underlining, etc; application/ms-tnef may appear if your e-mail client does not support MS Exchange formatting

    never heard of this problem before but after reading this I would most likley be checking the version of outlook express and see if it needs updating.

    I've always used outlook exp and never had any issues only with my pop up blocker which will not allow me to open attachments until i have disabled.
    the other question would be how many servers do the email accounts run on are you all on the same server within the company?
    keep at it!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ok, i have fixed the error by changing jobs!!! lol.....
  3. A bit extreme, but if its what you want go for it. good luck.
  4. make sure the sender is sending the message with the attachment as plain text and not rich text format. it worked for me, otherwise you need to upgrade your OE version
  5. hi everybody
    I encounter a strange issue may be due to some Exchange Configuration or security patch...i am not sure.
    I am in the HQ of my company where we run an Exchange 2007, inside the building everybody got Outlook 2007 client, but some child company outside are still on Outlook express 6 . Our problem is that when we try to send an attachment to one of our child company, they only receive the mail without any attachment or even warning...we made the test with one outlook 2007 as client, and the attachment goes through without problem.

    When other company outside try to send attachment to Express 6 client sometimes they receive attachment, we only encounter this issue when we send an email with attachment from an outlook 2007 inside my company.... we made the test to send an email from outlook 2007 outside and it did i presume it's something linked to my exchange configuration or outlook 2007 conf.

    I made the test with an user who have both system :
    i sent an email with two attached files : one small xls and txt
    when my user open it with :
    outlook 2007 : he got the two attachment
    express 6 : no attachement (tried to send in plain, rich and html with no result)

    i tried all the hint i found on the net : changing the folder option (confirm opening after downloading ), changing the security option in outlook express (uncheck the box to block the files suspected to be a virus), sending my email from outlook 2007 in plain,rich or html, and even modifying the registre to add the value Level1Remove in outlook/security entry...nothing worked...i am now looking in my exchange 2007 to see if somehow the way it send the mail could impact on the attachment (may be a configuration setting that switch to html format weither format you choose on your client?)..

    If somebody progressed in this issue i would be very interested to know what the solution is...

    last things, it looks like this pb appeared very recently (even if i am not completly sure), i would say less than a month...may be a security patch from microsoft. Could the Pop service activated on my exchange Server be implicated in that issue?
  6. Hello

    I am having the exact same problem as you, except I have not had my head office try to send the message with the attachment as plain text.

    Our head office has Outlook 2007 (Exchange 2003 back-end) and they send out messages to our child company managers every month. 95% of the managers get the email and the attachment, But 4 of them don't

    Through my investigation, the 4 that don't are all using Outlook Express (not sure which versions, but I assume 6 or later). 3 of these divisions use Telus as their host, but I don't think this is a Telus problem.

    Obviously, this is an Outlook 2007 formatting issue, I was hoping that getting head office to select plain text, would solve the problem, but it's after reading your last reply, upgrading the 4 remote managers to Outlook 2003 or 2007, might be my best option.

    We are not alone on this problem. I wonder when Microsoft will release a patch for this problem either for Office 2007 or Outlook Express. Please let me know where you’re at on this.

    I've got the CEO after me to have this fixed!! so the pressure is on. Today was actually the first time I've ever posted to a forum!! Hope it works.

  7. Any news ? I'm having the exact same problem. Sender uses Outlook 2007 and attached some files to a mail. Receivers use Outlook Express and they don't see any attached files. There's not even the paper clip indicating that there is some files. As the problem appears a couple of days ago, my guess was that the user changed something in Outlook 2007 but he told that he hadn't. Maybe a windows update that messed up something ?

    PS : sorry for the spelling mistakes. English is not my mother tongue.
  8. Hey

    I'm glad people are reading this post. This tells me that this is a problem that others are facing. Through my googleing the past few weeks, it appears that if the Outlook 2007 user sends his email (with attachment) in plain text format, the outlook express user should see the attachment.

    I just got one of my users to test this out and it seems to be working.

    Pleaes get your user(s) to try this out so I know if its a working solution.

    To send as plain text.

    Start a new message => select the Options tab => click on " Aa Plain Text " under the format section. and press ok to any dialoug box that comes up.

    Please let me know how you make out.

  9. Yes it seems that sending mails in plain text solves the problem. So instead of sending all mail in plain text I've only changed the way Outlook 2007 sends mail to contacts that use Outlook Express.

    Look at this kb for more informations :

    One last weird thing : I found another user that have OE (exact same version than the other ones) and this user can see attachment files in mails send from Outlook 2007 :pt1cable: The way Microsoft's softwares work will always surprise me :lol:
  10. BaCKRiRe thankyou.
    The link you have solved the problem for me.
    I found that going to the individuals contact in outlook, double clicking their email address, brings up a window where you specify email format for that address which overides your general default in outlook.
    Choose send in plain text only or let outlook decide but not rich text format.
    It may pay to check that your default setting for outlook is not set to rich text either as this is what blocks the attachments.
    See the link for explanation.
    Thanks All
  11. I actually have the sames problem but with some interesting differences. When I send the message through OWA, the attachment appears in OE. When I send the message through Outlook Client (all versions including 2007) it does not appear. I testing sending in HTML and plain text. the primary client that is used for sending is Outlook 2003. The stranger part is that if I resend the message I sent in OWA through the Outlook client using "resend message" it will also appear in OE. I have Microsoft stumped on this. If I use Outlook instead of OE the attachment will always appear. They think it's on the receivers side where the strip attachments, but that doesn't explain why sending from OWA works or why using Outlook client works. Any help or advise would greatly be appreciated.

  12. This problem started from when we upgraded our home version of Outlook to 2007. I have tried sending attachments in all three formats from Outlook 2002 and cannot get them on our home version of Outlook Express 6. However, we get attachments from just about everyone else. Has anyone found an answer?

  13. BaCkFiRe said:
    Any news ? I'm having the exact same problem. Sender uses Outlook 2007 and attached some files to a mail. Receivers use Outlook Express and they don't see any attached files. There's not even the paper clip indicating that there is some files. As the problem appears a couple of days ago, my guess was that the user changed something in Outlook 2007 but he told that he hadn't. Maybe a windows update that messed up something ?

    PS : sorry for the spelling mistakes. English is not my mother tongue.

    Thank you BaCKFiRe

    I have had the same problem sending Outlook emails with attachments to OE. I checked my text, it is set as HTML. As soon as I changed to Plain Text, the mail went through with the attachment, which showed up on the XP OE. I also had the same problem when I forwarded mails with attachments, I checked the formatting and and changed from HTML to Plain Text, hit the send button and the attachment appeared in the XP OE nbox, and it opened straight away.
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