Win98 FAT32 compression problem?

I have a Win98 computer with a 2.1GB hard drive. It is actually ~19GB, but onlythe first 11% of it actually works. DriveSpace and Stacker 4.1 don't work on FAT32 hard drives. I have a Win98-based RAM drive. I tried to compress it with Stacker. In the toolbox, the compression button doesn't work. It literally doesn't do anything at all. I tried to create a RAM drive for DOS and compress it in the start-up scripts. I used two different drivers: ramdrive.sys that comes with Windows, and FURD19_i, which I found on the internet. Both caused me to lose long filename support. I could install DriveSpace on top of Stacker. Ithink it might work, but I don't want two compression programs on the same computer. I tried AppZip (try to compress a program and decompress as needed, but the program crashes as soon as I select the program to compress and press OK. I can use UPX and have been, but it only works on the executable. I could use a batch file to decompress a program to th RAM drive, execute the program, then recompress the program (which AppZip is supposed to do), but that would involve alot of work. I can't use a floppy to hold an application because the Win98 computer has a virus. The only way I can transfer files from it is through a networked DOS-based laptop. I'm looking for another approach to give me a better compression ratio.
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  1. It's completely useless to compress a RAMDISK, that's why you can't make it work. Install a 2nd drive (uncompressed) and transfer the files to it. Dump the compression, it was only a stopgap measure at best. Drives are plenty large today.
  2. ex_bubblehead What you're saying is pretty much true, but I like the numbers. :) Actually, I have an extra hard drive laying around somewhere. How easy will it be to replace the old hard drive?
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