Can I Install ME?

Im Upgrading Win7 Ultamate To WME Any Ideas?
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  1. Upgrading?!?!

    Windows ME is considered the WORST version of Windows ever sold. Why would you want to install Windows ME over Windows 7?
  2. That's more like a downgrade. Why on earth would you even want ME if you already have 7?
  3. Good luck. Windows ME doesn't like running on any more than 512MB of RAM, and I highly doubt you are running Windows 7 on anything less than 2GB.
  4. WinME doesn't work well on modern hardware, as Northwestern stated. As a joke I tried to install it on a Core 2 Duo w/ 2GB RAM, and it refused to install because it thought I didn't have at least 32MB of RAM (LOL!). I even swapped in a 512MB stick and it still refused to install for the same reason.
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