Ok I installed Vista 64 home premium. Used it all day yesterday and was starting to really like it. It seemed just as fast as XP and I wasnt having any issues......until I defragged the hdd last night before going to bed. Now the computer is dog sloooooow. My cpu meter is pegged at 50-100% all the time. Even opening explorer or windows mail pegs the cpu at 100%. Navigating THG has my cpu pegged at 75-100%, how can this be? Oddly enough Ive heard its such a memory hog, my memory meter never goes past 35%.
Ive never even used a computer this slow. What the hell is the deal? I think Im going to format and re-install, if that doesnt help, Im going back to XP. Even when I type, my cursor can barely keep up, this is ridiculous.

Another strange thing. Ive deleted the windows old folder. My windows folder shows its less than 6gb, however I have 43gb of used space on my hdd. ???
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  1. How can my cpu be pegged at 100% when Im viewing a webpage??
    Yesterday I ran 3dmark06, scored 10,000. Today, it wont even run the benchmark.
  2. MB - Sounds like a bad driver or process. I'm at work now and on XP, so I can't check, but I believe the path to the management tools is Computer/Performance/Advanced. You should be able to go in there and get more info on what the issue is.
  3. Well I did a format and re-installed vista. Everything seems to be ok now. Only using 15gb of disk space now.
    There must have been something in that old Xp install that went crazy even though I deleted the old folder.
  4. I have vista ultimate 64 and it usually does not use more than 2-8% of 2 of my 4 cores when idling in vista and idling in virtualized XP pro usung vmware.

    Idle usage goes up to 25-30% (of the whole cpu) sometimes and it is usually due to an svchost.exe. I ended it once with task manager and found out it was the Aero svchost. If I were you I'd check Task manager and see whats using up those cycles

    As for the memory, that is normal, it usually uses 20-30% of it for superfetch
  5. Now cruising around the web Im using 2-3% cpu. Something WAS seriously wrong with the previous installation or the windows defrag hosed the computer. Computer is running good right now.
    How do you turn off that aero thing? I've heard it uses less system resources if its off, is that true?
  6. You can right click the desktop to get to your display preferences. You can turn off Aero there if you like. If you like, you may also select an XP display. Also - The sidebar is surprisingly greedy. I keep that shut off and Aero on.
  7. Right click My Computer and select Properties then Advanced System Settings. Select Advanced tab and under Performance click on Settings. You can adjust Aero to your liking from there.
  8. If you have any trouble finding your way around Vista, you can right click on the bottom-most desktop toolbar and select Properties. Click on the Start Menu tab and select 'classic view'. This will adjust the desktop to look and be very similar to XP. It might help if you are looking for stuff you found so easily in XP.
  9. Haha! Have you disabled UAC from Control Panel, User accounts yet?
  10. Yeah I did, I got that tip from Maximum PC. They have a whole article "23 vista tweaks".
    I've also changed advanced system setting from "let windows decide what to do" to "adjust for best performance", is this what I should do?
    By sidebar, do you mean the gadgets bar on the right? I kinda like the cpu tach.
    Ive not been able to get TAT to work with Vista 64, have you?
  11. When gaming, you may get better graphics performance by unchecking all the boxes except 'Smooth edges of screen fonts' By uncghecking all the 'work' for the display properties you will get a faster screen for gaming. 8)
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