one user account won't play flash movies

I have a xp system with 4 user accounts
One of the accounts will not play flash movies..
When trying to access sites such as YouTube,,the videos won't play..
Says "need to install Macromedia Flash player"
But it is installed...All the other accounts can play flash movies fine.
Is this a security setting in that individual account?
If I create a new account,,that one works just fine...
I could just delete the account,,but it's my wifes,,and she has all her email favourites etc..
I know I could just save all that and export to an new account, but I was hoping that somone may know of a fix.
Any input would be greatfully apprieciated...
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  1. If you haven't done so, install Flash on that account and see if that fixes.
  2. Yeah,,Did that ,,,Doesn't work..
    Don't see how an install can be account specific...
  3. gen-mills said:
    Yeah,,Did that ,,,Doesn't work..
    Don't see how an install can be account specific...

    When you install some programs you're asked if anyone can use the program or just the user installing it but I don't think that's the case with Flash but thought it might be worth a try. If you haven't done so, you could install Firefox and see if that fixes it, could be an Internet Explorer issue. One of my grandkids is running into a similar problem but with audio, she has audio on her user account but not a second. Last time I talked with her she said she didn't feel like spending time fixing it so don't know how she'll resolve this. I know you said you didn't want to create a new account and transfer everything over but this may be the quickest, easiest way to fix it.
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