Just ordered new pc.....am pumped

Well thanks for the help I've got over the past few months from many of you on the forumz, the new pc is is ordered and will be ready in 2 weeks. Here goes:

Case: Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570 Black
PSU: Silverstone Strider 850W
CPU: e6700 @ 3.33ghz
Cooler: Noctua NH-U12F (artic silver tp)
RAM: 4x1gb OCZ Gold pc6400 @ 3-3-3-8 667mhz
GPU: XFX 8800gtx xxx edition (hopefully another one in a few months)
HDD: 2x150gb raptor raid-0, 1x500gb WD sata2
OPT: Pioneer DVR-212 dual layer burner
Monitor: Samsung 22" Widescreen 226bw
Soundcard: X-Fi Xtremegamer
Sound: Logitech Z-2300
Keys: G15
Mouse G7 Black (flexiglow cyber snipa mousepad)
OS: Vista Home Premium 64bit

Cost: AUD$5k (10 months of saving) :tongue:

Well I'll keep you posted and put up some pics when I get it :D

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  1. Nice looking list of parts.

    I think the motherboard is missing, though.
  2. Oops, I've put it on there now. I actually wanted the p5n32-e sli but their supplier stopped stocking it so I went with the xfx.
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