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About a month ago, I uninstalled an application I wasn't using (I don't remember which one). Everything was fine except it created the directory "c:\documents and settings\username\start menu\programs\administrative tools" and somehow marked it as a system folder. When I try deleting it in Windows Explorer, I get "administrative tools is required by windows and cannot be deleted". When I try deleting it in Command Prompt, it fails silently (eg it doesn't delete the folder but doesn't error either). When I check attributes (either in Windows Explorer or via attrib on the command line), it is not marked as hidden, system, or read-only. I tried poking around the registry but couldn't find anything obvious there that designated it as a system folder either. As expected, I also can't move the folder. If I rename the folder, the new name shows up in Windows Explorer and Start Menu but it isn't really renamed (it still shows Administrative Tools in the error when trying to delete and doesn't stack with an AllUsers folder of the same name).

Any ideas? I really want to get rid of this annoying and useless folder.
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  1. Could try Unlocker a free program. However, it's possible that it is a system folder and deleting it could mean reinstalling Windows. So I'd backup everything before deleting it
  2. Thanks. I'll give that a shot. It is definitely not a "real" system folder as it did not exist prior to uninstalling an application (plus there is no reason for any folders except possibly Startup under the Start Menu to be a system folder).
  3. Thanks for the pointer. I wasn't sure Unlocker would work reading its web site but it did. It came up with "no lockers but Unlocker can still help you" and when I selected delete, it worked (folder now gone).
  4. Glad it worked for you with no problems.
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