Installing linux desktop on a netbook?

Hi, I just wanted to ask if I can dual-boot install a linux desktop OS on a netbook. i found that netbook remix OS from Ubuntu but I didn't like it very much, but I really like desktop OS like ubuntu and mandrive, but those require live cd instalation. My question now is can I ba able to boot the linux iso directly from a removable drive?
I don't have an external drive either.
The netbook I'm planning on buying is the acer timeline with $gb ram and a Core 2 duo.
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  1. Yes you can. You can have two or more linux distros installed on any media and manage them all through one install of GRUB.

    There are scripts that allows you to make ANY linux ISO into a bootable pen drive. I've done it myself on an EeePC to install Remix. I personally would not go to the full desktop OS, there is nothing to stop you from running any of the Ubuntu main distribution applications under the Remix edition. The advantages of the Remix are that it supports the special buttons and screen resolutions out of the box, you will have a lot of config to do to make the standard distro work as well.

    You'll find a ton of information here:
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