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hello all! This is my 1st time posting here on Tom's Hardware however i have been a lurker for a good long while. Always found insights and solutions to my problem. So after about 24 hours (total time spent :( ) looking for a solution, i have finally decided to get some help from the community here! My issue today is that i have HP DC7700 desktop (small for factor aka sff) which i bought for a friend. they need to have windows ME installed into it as they have hardware which can only work with ME. after 5 grueling hours of trying i was finally able to get both Windows 7 and ME to dual boot off single Hard drive. Windows 7 (which i am typing on how) has no issues and is totally good to go. Now for window's ME i cannot for the life of me find any drivers that will work. I know that newer computers might not have the backwards compatibility anymore for windows ME. The only real driver i need is USB and VGA for resolution. The program i need to run is called Wings (embroidery Software) however half the tools get cut off from the screen due to the low resolutions settings which i can't change unless i find the drivers. Please can someone give me some advice or even link me to a working driver for ME? Also if you have any other ideas on how to get windows ME to work with Window's 7 that would be great. I have been thinking maybe a virtual desktop (ME) however i don't know if it can interact with the extra computer ports at the back. The hardware interfaces with the computer through the large pink port at the back. Please if you have any suggestions that would be great.
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  1. Forget ever finding drivers for anything older than XP for that hardware. You can however run a good VM (like VirtualBox or VMWare) and install Windows Me there. The ports on the host can be used inside the VM.
  2. so i can run windows ME on my Windows 7 desktop? will i be able to connect my hardware to my computer and work with the windows ME desktop as well? Example: i turn on virtual windows ME. Load my program. Plug in my hardware (giant embroidery machine) to the desktop computer and it will work as if i was running real Windows ME?
  3. Yes, because you ARE running Windows Me. It's not necessarily seamless as you do have to manually mount the device inside the VM on initial launch (keep the VM open and the device stays mounted). Unless the interface is some off the wall add-on that has no drivers for Windows 7 you should be good to go.
  4. i am on the VMware site and am a bit confused. Which product (free if possible) would i need to use. can i please get a link?
  5. You'd probably be better off with VirtualBox: https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Downloads
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