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I just installed ubuntu and it's prompting me for a user-name and password. The problem is I've never logged in,and on the website I never registered for anything. Where am I supposed to get this user-name and password from (I can't get passed this login screen to make/edit one)?
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  1. It's the user name and password entered at the time of instalation.
    Failing that it would help to tell people which version of Ubuntu and which instalation image you used.
  2. Just like Windows, Ubuntu asks you to enter a username and password during installation. Once logged in, you can set it to automatically logon if that's what you wish. But only you know what Username you entered, and its impossible to continue the installation without having done that.
  3. If you cannot remember what your username and password are, which were entered when you installed Ubuntu, your best bet is to just reinstall Ubuntu and write down what you entered next time.
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