Bios Glitch?

Hey guys, I have the e6420, and, under load of course, it runs at 8x w/ 266 FSB. But when i hop into BIOS i see 8x, 200 CPU host frequency (Which is FSB correct me if im wrong) Is this a glitch for the newer 6x20 models? btw 965P-ds3 mobo. Whats going on ?!?!?! Thank you
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  1. Its normal. Speed Step is what causes lower speeds. It's main purpose is to lower power consumption and heat when the system is not under a load.
  2. how do i configure it? just bump it up to 333 ?
  3. :?. o O (what is it your trying to do?)

    If you want to run constantly at x8 @ 266, you will need to disable it. You would need to look for EIST and C1E settings in the bios.

    Changing the FSB to 333 could cause stability problems since speed step will still try to change the settings to reduce power consumption, on that type of OC.

    If your into OCing, try reading:

    Core2Duo Overclocking Guide
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