Best Anti-Virus and Firewall for gaming?

I was wondering what the best Anti-Virus and Firewall programs were for use with gaming? I play mostly WoW and Everquest. I use Mcafee Security Suite now. I am happy with its performance on security, but think it may hamper gaming(I could be mistaken though). Was looking for the best "free" anti-virus and firewall, but would not mind spending money on one if it is the best for gaming. I am also using a router with a hardware firewall fyi. Thanks for any suggestions.
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  1. I personally like AVG free edition.

    Free, free updates, paid version if you need more functionality, great antivirus program in my opinion.

    Also, for firewall, PC tools Firewall plus. That works for me, also free. Although if you are behind a hardware firewall you may not need to worry about it. The times I've used Mcafee recently, Mcafee seemed to really slow the computer down more than necessary in my opinion.
  2. AVG nakkers my online gaming (ping wise). probably not the best option there is. I now use Avira classic. It's free and works great!
  3. Hello, I know this is been here for like 5 years but i just want to give it a shout out.

    If you own a Valve game there a comparability issue with them:

    You might want to look at this Anti-Virus:
  4. So its better to use a good hardware base firewall off router then in windows?
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