Disabled offline files in XP.....now they are gone!

God i hope someone can help me out of a pickle here.

One of our users has a laptop running xp pro sp2, that had a syncronised folder on it linked to our win server 2003. Since april he has been nowhere near the network so the amount of data he has on his laptop will no longer resemble what was on the server. Plus i deleted the share off the server ages ago. (basically he'd moved offices and wasn't expected to come back).
Since he'd moved he'd carried on using the same 'offline' folders etc.
Yesterday i had to do some major maintenance on his laptop and i disabled offline files.
Today having now realised that was the way he was still accessing his data, he now obviously cannot access his data, as i switched offline files off.

Question: How in the blue hell do i get his data back? He didn't back any of it up onto dvd or whatever. Re-enabling offline files does nothing.
I can access C:\windows\csc but it just shows folders titled d1, d2, d3 etc and a few temp files.
I can't believe by just disabling it that he has lost everything. Say it aint so....or i'll cry!

Any help please.....i'm desparate.
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  1. System Restore should pull them back since they're system files. Restore the system to a date prior to you turning them off.

    That's about all I can say without actually seeing the computer itself. Make sure Hidden Files are turned off so you can see if they're hiding there as well.
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