Any good free backup software programs out there?

Are there any good free backup software programs out there? I'm looking for a free program that will create an image of my HD that I can burn to a DVD or copy to an external drive. I know about Mozy for online backup, but I believe that's limited to 2 GB of space. I could also just burn the files I want to save to a CD/DVD. And I believe Windows XP home has a microsoft one on the CD, but I lost the CD.

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  1. Try some of these, some are free I'm sure. Acronis True Image is not free, but back up the entire system drive complete with full OS installation to DVD takes three or four clicks and done. It's worth it.
  2. Thanks, good resource there.
  3. There are many free backup software, there is a resource
  4. I started using Macrium Reflect for backing up (really it just makes an image of my data drive and archives it to my external) and I've never had a problem with it, but I've also never had to restore, so take that FWIW. :bounce:
  5. Hi There

    I strongly recommend you try Dmailer Backup which is now free, im not sure if you prefer local backup or online but this application does both running from a portable hard drive or usb key.


    Let me know how you go.

    Also, i disagree with using an image for a backup but rather to backup just your most important files. Nowadays There are so many files on a disk you dont need such as windows & program files. If you need to format a fresh install will run better than an old well used image. And its much easier to upgrade your Operating System too.

    Im not saying this for all case but just some points to consider.
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