Old space ship PC game.

There was this game I used to place on the computer, you were a space ship and it could be two player. The ships were different sizes and sometimes you could attach the two for kind of a more BA ship. You would just shoot the things in from of you while flying. You could get carrots and things for health. I can't remember a whole lot more about it, and would LOVE to know what the name of it is!
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  1. This sounds familiar. Could you describe a little more? Do you recall the year you played it or the year you got it? Was it for Windows 9x systems?
  2. It was for windows. you would just stay at the bottom of the screen and play and shoot all the aliens and stuff that would come down toward you as you went on, at the very end of the levels there was always a big boss. I can't remember a WHOLE lot about it.
  3. ^ Sounds like maybe a PC port of Space Invaders, which originally was for Atari.
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    The game your talking about is tyrian. If you google opentyrian you can get actually download and play the game again for free.
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