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Can not print to my external print server in linux ubuntu

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November 12, 2009 1:27:58 PM

I have a Intel InBusiness Print Station thast I have been using with Windows with 1 Hp LaserJet 4P printer.

I have installed Ubuntu 7.10 up and running and liking it....BUT,

I can not print from my Ubuntu machine thru the print server to the printer.
I have been reading and trying EVERYTHING under the sun to get it to work with no luck at all.

The info on the print station is:

if I ping the address it comes back with PS717E07.home
if I ping ps717e07 I get in return.

the hardware address on the print server 00:90:27:71:7e:07 ( listed on the underside of the unit itself )
( this WORKS fine in windows )

I have tried ipp - hpjet direct other ldp etc.....when I do go thru the setup new printer and try printing a test page
it get errors like :
CUPS server errors I am ready to go back to windows . I does print if I hook it to a parallel port .

H E L P...........

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November 12, 2009 2:52:01 PM

The Intel InBusiness Print Station is windows only and obsolete. Intel no longer supports it.

The print server does not support ipp - hpjet direct other ldp, etc. suggests you can use samba to print to it.

Ubuntu 7.10 is a bit old you should think about upgrading to Ubuntu 9.04 which is new and improved.

Good luck :) 
November 12, 2009 6:15:55 PM

I would say you could try to use ndiswrapper, but I would definitely install a later version of Ubuntu, like 9.10, before trying that. Hopefully the newer release has a driver or a fix for it.
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November 12, 2009 7:49:13 PM

It's not so much a driver issue as that the printer has embedded windows in it which then shares the printer as a windows resource, hence the possible workaround with SAMBA.

Frankly the cost of second hand LPT print servers on flea bay and the cost of trying to fix this point me to replacing the unit.
November 13, 2009 10:11:05 PM

One "wild hair" occurs to me. IF -- you initially <print>ed with that Linux box thru a parallel-port, then parallel-port becomes a hidden requirement for printing with that box. SO ... if you now want a USB_print, then shutdown & uncable the box. Restart & REMOVE the current print setup, then plug-in the USB connection and recreate the printer connection.

You will be connected to the SAME printer from the SAME linux-box ... but under the USB agis(?).

I had to do this very trick with an HP_1300 having both USB & parallel connections when swapping parallel<-> USB printer connections between two different Linux boxes. The **FIRST** made printer connection defines the "type".
November 14, 2009 4:22:38 AM

The HP LaserJet 4P does not have USB, it only has a parallel port and a DB-9.