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Hello there Tom's Hardware!

I'm curious if any of you guys are familiar with a data recovery program called EasyRecovery Pro.

A little while ago i had a hard drive crash which became unpartitioned space. I initialised it and it is now a RawFormat drive which is unaccessible.

After much research i discovered a thread here: http://www.techspot.com/vb/all/windows/t-4824-p-2.html

There's a user a few posts down called roomx, who suggests using EasyRecoveryPro.

He also states the following

"Easy Recovery Pro did this:

Recovered from "RAW format" 238 GB of files.

Recovery included:
1. all folder structures with
2. folder names,
3. settings
4. and tree structure"

Now, i managed to get a hold of EasyRecovery Pro, and i would like to ask any knowledgeable people here if it's possible to restore the drive without having to copy everything to another drive. I've already performed an advanced scan and have been given a directory tree of incrementally listed folders under "My Drive". If I tag this drive for restoration the total data comes to around 215GB, which is peculiar as i didn't think i even had that much data on the drive.

I'm aware that in order to preserve the data on the hard drive it's necessary for the destination drive to differ from the drive being read from, but it would be very convenient for me if i could just have the Master boot record re-built on the unformatted drive and keep all the files where they are. It seems incredibly impractical to have 200gigs of data moved to one drive, then moved back to the original drive. It sounds like a recipe for losing settings and program targets.

What is your opinion?
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  1. 1. the reason you have 215GB of data is because the program finds files that have been deleted and over written than deleted again, that adds up.
    2. there is no way around not transfering your data to another drive. I have used this software for a long time. It is built that way because some software tried to save and recover at the same time. Easy recovery doesn't so if you forgot to selesct some data the first time, you can still recover it form the failed drive.
  2. Ah right, thanks for the clarification dude
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