Hello All,

I just bought some Corsair Memory XMS2 6400C4 2gig kits. One from Newegg 04/07 and one from ZipZoom also 04/07.

Here are the chips recieved. Both sets were the same below.

XMS6404v2.1 PROMOS Chips.

What caught me off guard was the fact. I read a review about them having D9's and so when price fell BAM 2ea, 2Gig sets. Well come to find out I got 2ea, 2gig sets with PROMOS memory.

I'm not here to vent. I would like to help others make informed choices when buying MEMORY. How else will we know? Well until after you buy.

Anyone privie to the best current deal on good old D9 Chips?

Thanks :D
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  1. Thats basicly EXACTLY how i felt.

    But u have to realize that Corsair arent the bad guys here. No one said they were Micron D9. They were only Micron D9 before May of 2006. Everything after that is PROMOS.

    Unlike their competitors, Corsair do not make Micron D9 6400C4 modules.

    But dont feel too bad, Corsair still makes good memory modules, even if the chips they use arent great. You will not lose too much performance.
  2. The best available at the minute is Crucial Ballistix PC8500.... cheap and very highly binned D9's. For help in the future use this site:

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