Ubuntu cannot reboot

Hello !

Please, help me !

I'm a fresh user (absolute beginner) of Linux OS.
I've installed Ubuntu on a clear (no operating system) PC. The PC has 2 hardisks (one Samsung with 80Gb and another Quantum with 40Gb, each with a single partition).
Installing works very fine (from CD). On the partition setting, default hard disk (and partition) that Ubountu has selected was Samsung (80Gb). I want to keep this partition for my data, so I change the partition to which Ubuntu has to install to Quantum (with 40Gb).
All works fine, CD ejected, press ENTER to restart, restarted ok, BUT, instead a booting, the PC shows a message that it cannot find booting device (the same as the situation when no OS was installed).

I'd put the CD again, restarted installation (on installing process installer detected older installation because it says that the older installation will be removed), I leave to be set the default partition that Ubunto choose ( Samsung (80Gb)). On restarting - the same problem.

Thank you very much !
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  1. In addition, both installation show something "(hd0,0)" (somewhere). I think the hard disks or partitions are not correctly identified ...
  2. Run a diagnostic on the system to ensure the HDD's are not becoming defective and are writing bad files.
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