Some questions about Domains and Workgroups

Hi everyone,
I recently have had the task of rebuilding a small network and I had a experienced home server expert help me out for a few days.
What he suggested was that instead of having a domain controller and active directory like I originally planned he suggested that I just stick to a workgroup as it's much simpler.

There are two cons with that and one is the managing of shared folders.
Second is complexity of having to make dual accounts for mail and server access.

My setup will be about 20 computers running Windows Server 2003 and Kerio Mail Server. I choose Kerio because Exchange would have been much too expensive to run.

Anyhow my questions is, are there any major security vulnerabilities to a domain? Is a domain safer than a simple workgroup? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. At 20 computers I would be inclined to start looking towards a domain. I try to steer away from workgroups after 10-15 computers. Its just easier to have a centralized user location...

    Security wise, domains are just as secure if not more secure then simple workgroups. With domains you have the ability to use group policies (now or in the future) to lock down what users can do on their PCs and what they can do (and ultimately what they can break). Also you can setup login batch files for things such as installing simple programs, etc... Basically you just have alot more options with a domain setup even if you dont use all of them at this point. If they are 20 computers now, what will they be in a year from now? It helps to look in the near future to make sure that you are limiting yourself.

    Have you looked at small business server?? It comes bundled with exchange and is pretty competitively priced...
  2. If you are not a full time administrator of the network, you're better off using the server as a file sharing system and setting up the dual accounts.

    Its not an easy task to go in and create a domain. At about 15-20 computers you really should look at a domain but if you're not on it full time.

    Unless you know how to setup a domain, don't do it in this situation. I'm a huge fan of domains but you're getting yourself into a big support headache.

    But if you're comfortable doing AD and a domain, do it. If this if your first time, hold off.
  3. Thanks, I have had a little experience with maintaining a domain but I never set one up from scratch.

    Since I posted this I have installed AD and made a domain, I had some difficulty with getting netlogon to function properly with dns but it seems to be working okay.
    Syslog is acting up though and I will have to troubleshoot that asap.
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