Printing over network no longer working

I have Linux Ubuntu running on my laptop.
I had printing over the Windows network working just fine.
However my main Windows machine went down the other day so I had to rebuild it from scratch.
Now when I go to print from my Linux laptop over the network it will not print even though the Cannon Pixma MP160 is selected.

If I try to relocate the printer in Linux none are found if I select Windows Printer Via Samba.
And if I try to browse to select a SMB Printer I get the message that "No print shares found. Please check that Samba is marked as trusted in your System>Admin>Firewall.

However I have no Firewall section in my System>Admin menu.

Any help is appreciated.
It worked with my old Windows XP system so I know I should be able to get it to print again on this one.
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  1. Did you downgrade from xp to vista or windows 7? :) ;)

    You may have to change some registry settings depending on your windows version. has all kinds of howtos and documentation that should help you fix it.

    Good luck :)
  2. Thanks.
    It is the same version of XP that I was running before.

    I will check out the registry setting tomorrow.

    It is just odd that the first time I ran the Windows Samba search on my Linux laptop it found all kinds of drivers to search from and now no options come up.
  3. Check your registry according to the documentation, make sure the firewalls on both ends allow the samba ports on your LAN, your workgroup is the same and that you can smbmount by hand.


    mount -t smbfs // /media/share

    mount -t cifs // /media/share

    If you can mount a share with the IP but not with a name then check your lmhosts.

    I'm sure the documentation has even better advice.

    Good luck :)
  4. Thanks for all the tips.
    However the answer turned out to be very very simple.

    When I rebuilt my windows XP machine from scratch I forgot to enable print sharing.
    Talk about feeling stupid.
    All is right with the world again.
  5. Well with IT, it's the little things that are the problems.
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