Help upgrading Vista

I am trying to upgrade to windows vista from XP.

On installation i am receiving the following message when testing compatibility.

You must make the following changes before installing Windows

Close Windows installation and contact the device manufacturer for updated driver software for these devices:

o IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers: Standard IDE/ESDI Hard Disk Controller.

Would someone be kind enough to advise me what this means and what i have to do and if possible please provide links to the appropriate drivers.

Many Thanks in advance.

my System is
Asus A8n-VM board
AMD athlon xp 3800 x2
2gig ram
WDC 320 gig hd
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  1. It means that Vista doesn't have a standard driver for your hard disc controller, and you should contact your mobo maker to get one.
  2. Ive tried to upgrade to nforce 15.01 but no success and am getting the same message when trying to upgrade.

    N e more advice would be much appreciated

    Thanks in advance and merry christmas
  3. What do you mean "no success" when isntalling nforce drivers?
    You mean they are not installing or they installed but your still getting the error?
    Id contact asus but first Id check to see if theres a bios update for your mobo.
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