Thermalright chipset heatsinks

I've recently purchased some Thermalright heatsinks for the chipset (HR-05) and mosfets (HR-09). My motherboards are Asus (A8N32-SLi and P5W DH Deluxe).

I have installed them on the A8N32-SLi (2xHR-05 + 1xHR-09), and will be seeing if I can OC my Opteron 170 a bit further soon. Temps in BIOS look ok.

I'm considering doing the same on the P5W DH Deluxe. However, there's a small problem. Whilst the chipset heatsinks should provide superior cooling compared to the standard heatpipe arrangement/SB heatsink, the mosfet heatsink only covers around 50% of the mosfet chips area (8 chips arranged 4x2, HR-09 covers 3 completely and 3 partially). This will be less than the existing heatpipe arrangement. On the plus side though, the HR-09 is independent, so there won't be any heat coming from the NB to the Mosfet area.

I'm unsure which area is more important when considering cooling in order to provide more stability to push the OC. With the Thermalright heatsinks installed, I would expect lower temps on NB and SB, but not sure about the Mosfet area.

I will probably need to increase vMCH a tad to push the OC, but again am not sure where any resulting temp increases will be.

Does anyone use these heatsinks? What are your experiences?

For info, SpeedFan reports system temp (SB) at 34C (although with the summer coming I expect that to increase a bit). This temp remains stable under load. Speedfan also reports Aux temp at 14C (clearly incorrect), and this increases under load to around 27C. I need to apply an offset to this temp, but am not sure where this sensor is located.

CPU temps are fine with Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme heatsink installed.

I'm running BIOS 1506 on the motherboard.
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  1. aoe,

    I will testify to the HR-09 not covering all the MOSFETs on my Striker Extreme. I imagine your boards are similar.

    I have been in contact with Thermalright tech support, they say they are working on revision(s) of the HR-09. ETA unknown at this time.
  2. Thx for the replies.

    I did have my doubts as to whether the standard solution was effective at cooling the mosfets.

    I'll have a go with just the chipset heatsinks installed and see what results I can achieve.
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