BSOD & PageFile Error

G'day. For a while now i've been getting the cursed BSOD. It was all well and good wen all of a sudden i got random BSOD when i quit games, and they were not like the others i'd seen, they said somthing like "page fault in non-pagefile area", don't quote me (it doesn't happen after every game though???). Now i decided to put up with these pains in the A$$ when i noticed while playing HL2 Ep2 red writing came up on the top right hand corner of my screen saying:"Warning:OS Pool Memory Low". I know that it has something to do with my page file, but what? Too big? Too small? Corrupt?

System Specs
Amd 3700+
biostar NF4ST-A9
2gb Geil pc3200 (i believe my pagefile is 4gb or so)
1x80gb + 1x320gb
Ati HD2600XT

Thanks for any comments
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  1. Any suggestions?
  2. Could be a malicious code in registry, prefetch, corrupted pagefile, not enough pagefile space allocated, 2 pagefile are running, error in hd, dusty computer. What have you done to solve the problem
  3. Thats a rather large list. So far i haven't one anything, My computer skills don't reach very far into software areas. If anything i think it may be 2 pagfiles because recently i and to reinstall windows but couldn't b bothered to ZERO FILL it because it'd take about 1 week or more.
    I'll look into it more.

    Thanks gomerpile
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