Need help finding parts.

I want to but the System Builder Marathon low budget PC tested on this site.
Here's the link

For those to lazy to go to the link, here are the components:

Processor: AMD Athlon X2 3800+
Motherboard: MSI K9N4 Ultra-F
RAM: Wintec AMPO PC2-6400
Hard Drive: Samsung HD160JJ - P80SD
Graphics Cards: XFX GeForce 7600 GT
Power Supply: Fortron Source AX450-PN
Case: Cooler Master Centurion 5
Optical Drive: Sony NEC Optiarc 7170

I'm having a real tough time finding a lot of these parts here in Australia (all the good web stores like don't ship here).
I'm know a bit about computers (I'm a linux geek) but I'm a bit out of my depth when it comes to hardware.
I'm planning on buying the PC one or two pieces a fortnight and I want to start off with the Case and the Power supply.
Can anyone help me locate these parts or equivalent?
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  1. If the problem is finding the specific brand, there are a lot of good alternatives, e.g., ASUS instead of MSI, BFG or other mfg for the 7600GT, etc. I to like this build but it's really the components not the specific mfg.
  2. man-o-man maniac! I just got a reality check. It is a bit slim in your neck of the woods isn't it! I'm not exactly sure on the exchange rate either, so I am a bit blown away by the prices.

    I'm not an E-Bay'er, but is that a possibility for you down under?
  3. Thats a nice thing you did there mpilch.

    In that thread I did some digging and someone pointed out Static Ice. I came up with this site that had lots of nice bits.
  4. Quote:
    Well i know for sure that the FSP brand is not avbailible in your area. It's pretty muchh a US brand. I also know your selection is slim and the price of the system will be higher for you then it was in the article. You will just have to make do with what you can find. Youe best PSU optioons can be found here.

    Any of the cheapest brands listed there will support that system.

    SHAMELESS PLUG!! :) Just kidding mpilchfamily, your PSU guides are great, I've used them several times. Thank you for your hard work.
  5. Hey, checkout

    the best price search engine for australia that i have found:)

    better than the one Tom's Hardware Guide listed anyhow
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