Best "Free" Virtual Machine Software

hey guys, im want to run a virtual machine (either my xp running vista/linux, or vice versa). got any suggestion? i means its gotta be free :D, and tried and tested.

any form of help will be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. The old VirtualPC from MS is free.
  2. VirtualBox from Sun Microsystems is way better than VirtualPC from MS, plus it's free.
  3. go to windows site go to downloads and choos your windows klik on more downloads and their is a button virtual machine just follow the tree steps and you have your virtual machine ( its gone run xp ) i tested it and its working fine :D
  4. VirtualBox is by far the most user-friendly VM. It's free, it's upgraded regularly, and it seems to handle any OS I can throw at it. VirtualPC is definitely bottom of the pile.
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