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I've just got a static IP address from my ISP but I can't figure out how to use it. I have a home network going through a Cable & Wireless router. My internal ip is, my static ip is

I'm trying to run a FTP server which isn't going well. I can gain access to the ftp server using on port 21, but that doesn't help people outside my network.. I have tried to port forward using the following :-

port 21, TCP & UDP IP - it jst keeps failing to connect to ftp, I cant even bring up the remote server info using my ip in the address bar of firefox

If I set my TCP connection settings to : -

IP -
Sub -

Ftp works, but I don't get no internet

Anyone got any ideas?
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  1. in windows you shouldnt have to specify an ip address

    in your router, you will need to enter your static ip address information, then once that is completed, your default gateway on your computers NIC should be your routers assigned ip for you, or you can assign one yourself
  2. did ya set your "DNS" , make sure your DNS numbers are set for your systems/routers, just an Idea?
  3. Are you paying extra for the static IP from your ISP?
    I tinkered with FTP and I just used a DNS updater. It will allow you to keep your dynamic address from them and it points your address to a domain name per say. it updates when your IP updates. Cool stuff

    Anyway, What i did is just forwarded port 21 to my server IP address and enabled that port. The other thing to look for is the users accessing the FTP need to have their browser's set up correctly too. I ran into alot of headaches with that when trying to share files with some friends. Running a web server to let them download from ended up working a little better.
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