Keep XP Pro 32 or go with Vista home 32 or Vista 64?

Hi All. My problem is this. I have a legal copy of XP Pro (OEM) installed on this computer. The hardware is very dated (about 6yrs, AMD 1800+, AGP 2, PC2100 ram) and I want to upgrade to new stuff. So being a good citizen I called Microsoft and ask the question, "How do I legally install the legal copy on my new equipment while uninstalling it from the old?" The old hardware is not going to be reused, just to old and slow. Two reps from M$ told me that I could not use my legal copy with the new hardware while one said that I could but had to uninstall it somehow while online so they could verify and activate it for the new stuff. They never got around to telling me how to do that. I take that as a no that they won't allow the 2nd use. So what OS would you choose at the moment? I think I am going to try to reuse the current copy. If that doesn't work I'll repurchase, but which? XP Pro, XP Home, XP 64, Vista, Vista home, Vista 64? I understand that SP1 for Vista has gone into beta so it shouldn't be long to get that. If anyone has some input or experience I would greatly apperciate it. Does anyone think that this is wrong? I'm not trying to cheat M$, as I said it is a legal copy. Any Microsoft employees out there? If I want to reuse a piece of hardware no prob right? Seems to me to be the same thing. Anyway tell me what you think and thanks.


PS: By the way I use the machine for general purpose computing and gaming which is why I need to upgrade. I have been getting Fragged alot in UT2K4.
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  1. OEM copies are only valid to install one one computer....thats how it is...The retail can be installed on new hardware. Either way MS wants you to have 1 copy of windows on 1 computer...

    If you do wish to attempt to install your OEM on a new computer, you are best to make sure that if it goes through activation. Be it on phone(if you are going to remove it from the old one you can say your board fried :) ) or over the net(try this first). You should remove windows from the old machine or 1 copy will be illegal....

    As far as vista goes, well its not quite there yet, I will be getting it soon since the first SP is on its way. If people like it or not, Vista is gonna be here to stay.....

    If you are looking for new build advice there are plenty on the forums to help.

    Just general Info

    -Currently Intel has the fastest CPU's . They are both even in the middle end stuff
    -Nvidia has the fastest video cards, but ati is damn close. so its down to preference
    -Ram is cheap :)
    -Hard drives are cheap :)
    -Lightscribe is almost useless :P

    -The Antec 900 is a good case for a med to high end system. Low noise(not dead silent, but still quiet).
    -Seagate has some good drives on the market
    -Arctic coolings Freezer Pro is about as good as you can get for cpu cooling in the 20-25 dollar price :)
    -Intel's Quad Q6600 offers damn good bang for your buck. 4 Cores and not as power hungry as some may think....
    -When getting a PSU also look for 80+ efficiency. My Q6600 + 8800GTX system takes less power then my E6600 X1900XT system because of this....

    Best of luck with building your new system.....
  2. You can activate your current version of XP and you won't have to lie. If you tell them you "had" to replace hardware they reactivate it. Have done it numerous times. nukemaster is right, you can only run it on one machine at a time. As for what the M$ people told you about deleting a previous version over the phone, I wish I had some of what they're smoking :D Every time I reactivated I've done a clean install before I called. Even if they could get into your computer via phone, which they can't, there wouldn't be anything for them to delete. Vista has too many issues and they're already beta testing SP1. If you wait till it comes out, you can by a version of Vista with SP1 and save yourself a load of updates.
  3. g-paw said:
    You can activate your current version of XP and you won't have to lie. If you tell them you "had" to replace hardware they reactivate it.

    heheheh I lost a motherboard in a "storm" and it was "discontinued" so they sent me a newer model once :)
  4. nukemaster said:
    heheheh I lost a motherboard in a "storm" and it was "discontinued" so they sent me a newer model once :)

    One time my invisible rabbit Harvey ate mine, damn wabbit. :) It's all a stupid game, hardware and software companies screw their customers with garbage support and licenses and customers screw them. Got to wonder if the industry will ever figure out that if you treat your customers right, most will reciprocate. NAH!
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