Most lightweight PHP webserver

I'm looking for the most lightweight PHP webserver software out there.

- Least memory usage possible (RAM, hard drive usage doesn't really matter within reason).
- Will work on Ubuntu 9.10, 64 bit.
- Will act as a standard http server.
- Supports basic PHP functions.

Doesn't have to be that performant, as will only handle maybe 20 requests per hour maximum, outputting probably 2-3KB of HTML each time (no images).

Doesn't even have to be all that extensive in terms of PHP support as it will only run this one PHP script (or a similar one if I rewrite it):

I have checked on Google and came across a few possible option, but would appreciate any suggestions if anyone has any.

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  1. LAMP for ubuntu would probably be your best bet, unless you decided to run a minimalist distro virtually and then installed LAMP on it.
  2. I decided in lighttpd and php. LAMP is much heavier than I need, and it comes with MySQL (I don't require a database). I just didn't want to waste resources for just 1 tiny little php script.

    Thanks anyway.
  3. Hi,

    I have installed lighttpd in my linux machine. But i dont want any of the mysql enabled features in my php. I need only basic php with file operations. Do you know how to remove the unwanted library files. I need my web server to be less than 8 MB.
  4. Unless anybody here knows the answer off the top of their heads I'd take a look here:
  5. Sounds like you'll have to compile it by hand and disable everything you don't need.

    Read up on "configure"

    Good luck :)
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