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Since my old tube TV broke down on me, I've moved pretty much all things connected to it to my Dell 2007WFP. Now of course I still would like to watch TV, and preferably HD channels. I already have a TV tuner, but it doesn't look too great on this monitor, so I was wondering if an HDTV tuner would pick up all the HD channels my local cable provider gives? Or does it only pick up free-to-air channels? =\ Are there a lot of free-to-air HD channels, and more importantly, GOOD channels?
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  1. Most of the better TV tuners (driverwise) are strictly OTA-only (while some support QAM, such as the DVICO Fusion series, they also have driver issues even worse than those reported for ATI's HDTV Wonder). The situation HDTV signalwise (OTA) is strictly (as the real-estate folks say) *location, location, location*, as in how far you are from the transmitting antenna and intervening obstacles between you and the signal. I have the HDTV Wonder and actually have zero complaints with the HDTV picture from it (OTA), but then I live less than 30 miles from the greatest *clump* of HDTV transmission towers in Washington, DC (the NBC and FOX O&Os, and the CBS affiliate, are all in a two-mile radius of each other; the ABC and PBS affiliates, though in northern Virginia, are less than ten miles away as the crow flies, and in the same general direction, while the WB affiliate splits the difference between the clumps). NBC, CBS, and the PBS stations support 1080i (the highest of the North American HD formats) while ABC and FOX both support 720p. Some local affiliates broadcast local news in HD (such as WUSA here), while NBC broadcasts NBC Nightly News in HD.
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