AD Authentication Vs NT Authentication

In IIS 6.0 on Windows 200 Server, i have enabled "Intergrated Windows Authentication".
When i access the application, it prompts me for username/password. (here i expected it should enter the domain credential, but it accepts the server credentials)..

When i enter the domain credential, it says Access is denied"...
If i enter the server credentials (where i have IIS and application), i am able to view the web page of application...

HERE i want my application to accept the Domina credential (which is in AD)... Please advice.
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  1. How did you setup rights on the server? You need to add the user's accounts to the web server, usually done by user groups.
  2. Hi,
    Thanks for your response...

    Finally i found out the root cause .... Trust relation ship between my Domain credentials and the domain where the server is, not been established. The server is in different domain and mine is in different domain. This has to be done by network people... Thanks again for ur response....
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