SharePoint issue after upgrade win03 from standard to enterprise.

I tried to upgrade my SharePoint server(windows 2003 R2) from standard edition to enterprise to get the 16GB memory, since standard edition only can recognize 4GB RAM.

first try: while in the process of installing enterprise CD2, it requested for something, and the CD doesn;t have it, I clicked skip.
It looks like the installation is successful, but Sharepoint service got problem. SP Web interface cannot be open correctly.

second try: tried to install 2008 enterprise instead of 2003, while i click upgrade, it asked to uninstall some programs first, such as SharePiont. hell no!!!!

3rd try: i haven't not do this one yet, which is upgrade to x64 standard; but i am considering x64 may not suit for some installed services/program...etc.

Any good idea?
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  1. Restore from backups, which I'm sure you have right?? Do you remember what the something was that is asked for that was skipped? Hard to find an issue when "something" is at fault.
  2. I did the upgrade again to 2003 R2 enterprise with no error, but SharePoint still got problems..............sigh..........
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