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I run XP on my main machines, but I have one desktop which I've backdated from its original Win98 to Win95. The reason? I have a scanner with some really good features that runs only under 95 (there are 3rd party drivers for 98, etc., but they don't support all the features). Also, I have 2 pieces of software that run great under 95, and not so great under XP.

Is there any way to get my Win95 upgraded to 95B -- I'd like FAT32 and USB support, which my original Win95 won't support. I saw my employer's staff walk around in 1998 or 1999, upgrading each computer to 95B. It must be possible, right?

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  1. Straight up, I would see about finding a "special copy" online because I am pretty sure windows 95 is debunked and considered abandon ware now. You could only upgrade it with a CD, so see about finding one somewhere online.
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