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Hello. I have Compaq laptop which has 512 meg ram shared so technically i get 300 meg. it came with windows xp home edition. also it has 100+ programs that compaq decided to load it making it even slow.

It also have backup harddrive partition and i created backup dvd's. the problem is if i reformat it using those then all the bloatware will be installed again. which i dont want.

I have also got a copy of windows xp. what id like to do is format the computer using a plain windows xp cd. my question are these:

would the product key on the back of the laptop work with the xp cd that i have.


how do i backup the drivers that i would need from the laptop?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. If you do a full format, installation shouldn't be a problem, you can use the product key. You will have to activate it via the phone and legally you can only run it on one machine. Best to download the most recent drivers from Compaq and copy them to a CD. If for what ever reason they're not available on like, you should have gotten a CD with the laptop with the drivers on it. Would suggest if you're planning on using the machine for more than 3 to 6 months, to get a GB of RAM. If you have 2 slots, you could just add another 512MB but if the cost is close to the same, I'd just get a GB
  2. thanks for your advice. i know i need more ram on this laptop. this laptop is just for e-mail, resume, office and so on. my main desktop has 3 gigs of ram =0)

  3. As long as it gets the job done A fresh install should help
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