Audio distortion on PCTV card until I play with the encoding

I have just reinstalled my Pinnacle PCTV card in my new system and while the video is fine (well, usual...) the audio is not. After being turned on or after any channel change, the audio is replaced with heavy 'white noise'... until I go and change the encoding from the usual UK standard PAL I to ... PAL I. It seems to need this action to realign itself. Is this a common occurrence with these things and how do I sort it out?

My kit is Core 2 ET6400 with the usual RAM and HDD spec.
Pinnacle PCTV with BT878 chipset and latest driver d/load.
OS is Win2000 SP4 up-to-date.

Under SuSE linux 10.2 I get only the noise and no fiddling will remove it. This might be a Linux driver issue (no PAL I only PAL available in kdeTV) and so another forum's concern... This IS a Windows-based forum isn't it?

Many thanks Pofadda
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  1. Solved this problem by buying another card - a Kworld DVBT-100 digital card which works very well indeed**. Sorry any Pinnacle owners out there that might have this problem, you are alone as I was with no replies to this post.


    ** My view of this card is that the channel detection is accurate, the channels pick up their names from the signal but don't seem to be sortable in the channel selector panel. The pictures and sound are quite up to the job. I haven't recorded anything, tried the built-in CD burner or MPEG encoder or editor yet. Bought in UK for GBP22.62, delivered, I think it's great value!

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