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Well im not so sure this belongs here but here I go...
I have 2 drives right now, an 80gb one with windows and apps and a 320gb one with data (music,movies,pictures and such...).
Its partitioned as D and E, now im buying a new pc soon and i was wondering if i can just plug in the data drive and use my data on the new pc, or do i have to put it all on dvd's and copy it over that way which i dont want to do.
Also will windows on the new comp see the new drive as D and E correctly?
Any help is appriciated.
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  1. Your new pc will access the data drive just as your old one, but the drive letters on the disk may change. You can however manually set them to what you want in disk management. Should you choose to insert the 80gig disk also, then you will need to run sysprep (on the windows cd) for that one to be active.
  2. Be sure not to install the 320 until after you installed the the OS/Program drive including all updates and program installations. If the new computer comes with the OS installed, start it up and do what ever you need to, updates, install programs, before installing the 320. Just make sure everything is working before installing the 2nd dirve.
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