Where can I get a replacement copy of Windows 2003 Server?

Hi all,

I was told by Dell that Windows 2003 is no longer being supported by Microsoft, and that I cannot get a replacement copy of the OS anywhere. I find this hard to believe. Can anyone confirm this? Can I request a replacement media from Microsoft directly?

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    Windows 2003 is now in Extended Support, so it's not true to say that it is unsupported. I'm not sure that Microsoft would supply media any longer, although it wouldn't hurt to ask, but there are plenty of copies for sale on eBay. But if you are paying for a new copy you might want to consider upgrading to 2008.
  2. Thanks ijack. Just got off the phone with MS replacement and parts team. The rep told me they only provide replacement media for "retail" purchases, i.e. boxed versions of the software. He suggested I go back to Dell for the OEM version. I told him Dell no longer carries the media, so what recourse do I have? He responded...none.

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